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Does Your Business Need A Technology Lawyer?

As an area of the law, technology can be regarded as its own category, but the truth is technology is deployed in all industries. As a result, attorneys who focus on technology must have a comprehensive understanding of how technology is used.

At Breeding Carter Crippen, our technology lawyers know what’s happening now in technology. We also understand what could happen in the future. Plus, we closely monitor legal developments that could affect you; this can include court decisions, legislation and executive actions.

Most importantly, our attorneys use their knowledge to protect the interests of our clients in the tech industry and beyond.

Specific Legal Functions

Specifically, the technology lawyers at Breeding Carter Crippen help our clients with issues that include:

  • Intellectual property
  • Transactions
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Collaborative development agreements
  • Tech transfer from universities
  • Licensing agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Noncompete agreements

Our experience includes working with established companies, emerging companies and businesses at every stage in between.

Global Reach And Perspective

Our knowledge of what’s happening in technology goes beyond the United States. As a law firm with a worldwide presence and global perspective, we know how developments in Europe, the Middle East and Asia would affect business interests around the world.

Our experience includes government regulation, private litigation, trials and appeals. Our highly integrated connections with our clients allow our lawyers to bring significant technology knowledge to every challenge.

A Trusted Guide For Your Business

For more information about our capabilities in the technology space, or to schedule a consultation with our technology lawyers, call our Knoxville offices at 865-670-8535 or fill out our contact form.