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Global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face any number of challenges. Government regulation, economic espionage and trade challenges, to name only a few. But tremendous opportunity exists as growth is possible through joint ventures, licensing, strategic acquisitions, distribution, supply agreements and international trade.

With our unique global capabilities, including deep experience in the U.S., EU, and Far East, we understand the business and legal intricacies that pharmaceutical companies face. Our Knoxville attorneys have effectively represented companies in dispute resolution, financings, M&A, and litigation. We advise domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies on antitrust, commercial litigation and M&A issues across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Our experience includes government and private litigation, trials and appeals. Our highly integrated connections with our clients allows our lawyers to bring significant knowledge in the sector to every challenge. Breeding Olinzock Carter Crippen‘s focus on understanding our clients’ success and long-term strategies make us unique.