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Contested Adoptions – Surrogacy Adoptions – Stepparents And Relatives

Often individuals locate an adoption lawyer, only to learn the attorney does not handle involuntary termination or complex adoption-related matters.

At the Knoxville law firm of Breeding Carter, we are happy to help families resolve a wide range of legal challenges related to adding to their family through adoption. An experienced adoption law attorney can work to ensure your adoption goals are accomplished, and can ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Are you a grandparent who believes adopting your grandchild might be in the child’s best interests? Do you have questions regarding adopting your stepchild or a child given up for adoption? Contact Breeding Carter at 865-670-8535.

We are diligent in our advocacy of adoption rights. We can:

  • Help stepparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives adopt children or adults. We can also work to terminate parents’ rights in cases of drug and alcohol abuse, neglect and child abuse.
  • Handle international adoptions.
  • Help same-sex couples or single persons adopt children.
  • Help individuals and families with surrogacy adoptions.

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