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Child Custody and Co-Parenting

Child custody and co-parenting issues and disputes combine a complex area of family law with legal and personal matters that are urgently important to most parents.

At Breeding Carter, we work to resolve your issues related to divorce, paternity, and child custody while supporting you through what can be a stressful and challenging process.

Child Custody Issues Can Be Complex

Are you involved in a dispute with your spouse, ex-spouse, partner or same-sex partner regarding the custody of your child? Breeding Carter provides experienced child custody and co-parenting legal services.

Child custody and co-parenting disputes can quickly become complex in the hands of family law courts. Often during a custody battle, an analysis of parental fitness is mandated to determine parenting skills. An investigation may be warranted to determine each parent’s parenting history and decision-making. Other factors considered during child custody discussions are the best interests of the child and the wishes of the child.

At Breeding Carter, our team is experienced in both family court and in juvenile court, where child custody disputes are often resolved. We are skilled at advocating for your child custody rights and goals in negotiations and in court.

Experienced In Family Law And Child Custody Mediation

Mediation is required in divorce cases, and encouraged in child custody and co-parenting disputes. Our own experience as mediators helps us advocate for you at your own mediation sessions. We help protect your rights and advocate on your behalf in child custody disputes whether you are mediating during the divorce process or are mediating child custody issues without ever having been married.

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