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Parental Relocation

Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases where a parent requests to move a distance away with the children from the other parent. This is often a difficult time for all involved and there are strict statutory requirements for both the parent giving notice of intent to move and for the parent opposing the relocation.

It can be a stressful and confusing procedure, but our attorneys are able to help you navigate through the process. It is important to seek competent legal counsel as failure to adhere to the parental relocation statute may result in waiver of your legal rights.

What The Law Says

Tennessee law provides that a parent must give the other parent notice of any intended move more than 50 miles from the parent’s current home. This provides both parents with the right to know and to object to any potential move before it occurs. The nonmoving parent has 30 days to file a petition in opposition to the move after receiving notice of the moving parent’s intent to move.

There is a different standard applied to decide whether or not the parent is allowed to move based upon the current co-parenting schedule of the parents. Courts look at several factors for relocation cases, including, among other things, the best interests of the children involved, the reason for the proposed move and the possible harm to the child from a move.

Our attorneys have handled numerous cases involving parents requesting to move with minor children and are up to date on cases involving the parental relocation statute. Schedule your consultation today to discuss the process for a parent to relocate with minor children.

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