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Construction Litigation

Construction problems are an unfortunate reality. If you face a construction-related dispute, as a business owner, a contractor or as the owner of commercial or residential property, the attorneys of Breeding Carter can provide experienced legal help. 

Are you involved in a construction dispute as a business owner, a property owner, a contractor or subcontractor? 

Construction litigation attorneys can provide legal assistance and representation in a broad range of construction problems, including issues relating to:

  • Contractor disputes involving work performed and payment disputes
  • Breaches of contract such as failure to complete a job or failure to complete a project up to the specifications
  • Consumer protection, including misrepresentation of licensing and/or insurance issues
  • Defects such as problems allegedly created by faulty construction
  • Water damage and mold, including persistent problems with water or mold in the walls or floor

We work with expert witnesses who can testify regarding proper standards of construction. We represent building construction firms as well as residential and commercial property owners. If you have questions or concerns regarding real estate or construction litigation, Breeding Carter can help.

Building And Construction Defect Disputes

One of the most common construction litigation cases that we see involves issues related to construction defects. Defects in a residential home or in a commercial building can wreak havoc on the value of the property and can cost thousands to repair. We handle defect disputes for issues such as:

  • Shifting houses
  • Leaking pipes or roofs
  • Settling issues with homes, including problems with the deck pulling away from the structure or the deck at an angle
  • Failing to install kick-out flashing properly

As with our entire construction litigation practice, we have the experience to represent clients bringing construction disputes, as well as contractors and subcontractors fighting a defect claim. We know experts who can help you bring a strong case regarding a disputed defect issue.

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