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Premises Liability

Holding Property Owners Accountable For Unsafe Areas

Property owners, including landlords and retailers, are obligated to provide a safe environment for people who are on their property. If a property owner fails to maintain the property adequately, or fails to correct for foreseeable dangers, then the injured victims may be able to obtain compensation for the medical bills and lost wages associated with the accident.

The attorneys at Breeding Carter, work diligently to maximize recovery for people injured because of:

  • Slips and falls: Property owners must keep sidewalks, parking lots and aisles free from obstacles and hazards, including ice. Recently cleaned floors should also have a sign notifying passersby. Failing to correct the dangerous condition within a reasonable amount of time can result in legal liability.
  • Falling objects: Particularly at construction sites, those responsible for safety must ensure there is no danger of falling objects injuring bystanders and pedestrians.
  • Negligent security: Having adequate security features on the premises is part of the obligation to provide a safe environment. Bar owners cannot overserve patrons, for example. Landlords must repair broken locks. If you were injured in a crime because of negligent security, we can help.
  • Dog bites: Any dog attack can cause serious injury. We hold dog owners responsible when they fail to properly train and care for their pets.

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