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Theft And Property Crimes

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In criminal matters, there is no such thing as a minor charge. A conviction for shoplifting, trespassing and other property crimes can affect your freedom, your job and your reputation in the community. At Breeding Carter, our attorneys will work diligently to defend our clients against all criminal charges, including property crimes and theft.

A Strategic Defense Tailored To Your Specific Allegations And Circumstances

Our lawyers will thoroughly analyze your case. From the outset, we will ensure that police and law enforcement did not violate your constitutional rights. We will compile evidence and cross-examine witnesses. As skilled trial attorneys, we are capable in the courtroom as well as in negotiation with prosecutors regarding plea agreements. We provide every client a unique defense, because every circumstance our clients face is unique. We will work with you to strategically defend against your charges and minimize penalties, where appropriate.

A Thorough Defense Against All Property Crimes

Property crimes encompass a wide range of criminal charges, including destruction of property and robbery. In some property crimes, such as burglary, you do not have to have taken anything to be charged with a crime. Under Tennessee law, you have committed burglary if you have unlawfully entered or remained on property with the intent to commit a crime.

Our legal team in Knoxville defends clients against all property crimes, including felonies and crimes involving weapons offenses. We are veteran criminal defense attorneys who have had experience in a wide range of criminal defense matters.

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