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Corporate Immigration

How We Help Businesses Come To America

Individuals immigrate to the United States, and so do corporations. Existing corporations that want to set up new operations in the United States are wise to have an attorney who understands where the business is coming from and where they are going.

At Breeding Carter, our firm’s knowledge is second to none.

Let us put that knowledge of corporate and business law to work for your company.

How To Find A Suitable Location

We help companies at every stage of the process of moving corporate assets to the U.S.:

  • We provide research, analysis and advice on where to locate in the U.S. Not every location is created equal. Some areas have superb human resources. Other states and cities provide tax advantages. Our lawyers examine the opportunities and threats that exist with any location.
  • We offer legal guidance regarding federal, state and local rules and regulations that apply to the business.
  • We assist in moving your key personnel and their families to the U.S., either on a temporary or permanent basis.

When you have Breeding Carter on your side, you have an advocate who is able to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Get Answers To Your Corporate Immigration Questions

If you have legal questions regarding corporate immigration, contact the Knoxville law firm of Breeding Carter at 865-670-8535 or fill out our online contact form. We respond promptly to inquiries.