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Child Support

Family law courts have long taken an active and involved role in the resolution of child support questions and disputes. Whether you are divorcing, previously divorced or are involved in a child support issue relating to a paternity suit, we can help guide you through the process.

At the law firm of Breeding Carter, we help individuals resolve child support disputes. Whether you are interested in obtaining the financial assistance that will help you support your child, or are concerned about the child support payments you will be asked to pay, we can work to help you navigate the legal system.

Are you involved in a dispute with your spouse, ex-spouse or other individual regarding child support payments? Breeding Carter provides experienced child custody and co-parenting legal services. Call 865-670-8535 or 866-919-0953.

Our attorney team is highly experienced in all legal matters relating to child support matter disputes. We can:

  • Work with child support guidelines and the courts to arrive at an appropriate support amount.
  • Handle your case involving allegations of failure to pay child support as well as defend child support petitions filed by another party and work to enforce child support orders through garnishments and other legal tools.
  • Advocate for you by investigating and presenting your child’s history regarding special needs, special medical circumstances, your income, child care expenses, child custody arrangements or other factors.

It is important that child support payment agreements serve the children’s best interests. We can help. To discuss your child support questions, contact Breeding Carter.

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