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Vigorous Defense Against Allegations Of Fraud

Fraud encompasses a wide range of criminal violations, both in state and federal court. If you have been accused or are under investigation on charges related to fraud, your defense should begin immediately – in some cases, it is best to get a lawyer as soon as you discover you are under investigation, even before any charges are filed.

At Breeding Carter, our attorneys will immediately begin a thorough investigation and defense on your behalf. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, particularly in white collar crimes, we are familiar with the complex laws that govern numerous fraud charges across a variety of industries. From alleged securities violations to IRS investigations, we have the knowledge and experience to defend your rights and provide you with skilled legal representation throughout your criminal defense matter.

Our Capabilities Against State And Federal Fraud Charges

Our attorneys have experience in Tennessee state and federal courts defending against white collar crimes, including crimes in the financial sector. We provide outstanding legal defense against numerous types of fraud, including:

We are also veteran appellate attorneys who have represented clients in several federal circuit courts and the highest courts in Tennessee and the country.

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    There is often little time to delay when you are under investigation or facing criminal charges relating to fraud. Organizing a thorough defense should bein immediately. To schedule your initial consultation at our office in Knoxville, Tennessee, or in New York, call us at 865-670-8535, or reach us confidentially through our contact form.

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