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Criminal Defense

State Criminal Defense

People who face criminal charges are placed at a disadvantage from the moment they are contacted by police. The police and the prosecutor know what evidence they will need to convict you of a crime and will use all of the resources available to them to obtain it. To protect your future and your reputation, you will need an experienced defense attorney between you and the state.

At Breeding Carter, we provide the strong defense you need. Our criminal defense division harnesses the experience of a team of professionals that is well-versed in federal and state criminal defense. From the attorneys to the staff, our criminal defense team focuses their practice to the defense of individuals and companies from all types of federal crimes, state crimes, white collar offenses and regulatory enforcement actions.

    Our Experience

    Our experience includes defending cases brought by the District Attorney’s Office, the United States attorney’s office, The Attorney General’s Office, and various federal agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and many others. The firm offers a free initial consultation to discuss your criminal case.

    Comprehensive Criminal Defense Services

    The following are examples of the types of cases our attorneys defend:

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