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Will And Trust Formation

While our own mortality is often an uncomfortable thought, prudent estate planning is a great opportunity to leave a legacy for loved ones and/or charities. In the absence of a last will and testament, statutory law will determine which heirs-at-law will receive estate assets. Thus, we urge clients to retain this element of control by having the attorneys at Breeding Olinzock Carter Crippen, assist with the drafting of a simple will.

Prior to your consultation, we ask clients to begin thinking about who they want to nominate as the executor or personal representative of their estate. We also suggest the nomination of an alternate executor in case the primary choice is either unable or unwilling to serve. Other decisions we urge clients to think about are: whether the will should provide the executor with explicit instructions on how debts should be paid, and whether the client wants to provide framework instructions for how heirs should divide jewelry and other household items.

Provide For Your Children After Death

If you have minor children, we can also help you create a will that includes a testamentary trust that will ensure your children’s financial needs are met from the assets of your estate. We also strongly recommend the appointment of a trusted legal guardian for the children so the court is not left with this most difficult task.

Financial And Health Care Power Of Attorney Documents

As a companion to a will, our attorneys also assist clients in creating a financial power of attorney agreement and a health care power of attorney agreement. These two documents appoint a trusted friend or loved one with the authority to make financial and medical decisions in the event the client becomes temporarily or permanently incompetent. The health care document can also provide explicit end-of-life instructions in the event of terminal illnesses.

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The experienced Knoxville attorneys of Breeding Olinzock Carter Crippen, help clients rest easy knowing their chosen decision-maker will have precise instructions for action. If you have questions regarding drafting a will or power or attorney document, contact us. We are available for evening and weekend appointments. To contact us, call 865-670-8535.