Will an embezzlement conviction put a halt on your career?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2022 | Criminal Law

The possibility of an embezzlement accusation looms over every professional in a position relating to financial matters. If you receive an embezzlement charge that leads to an eventual conviction, you might face a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future of your career.

Embezzlement refers to any action that involves stealing or withholding a company’s assets for your own benefit. Even if you are not guilty of embezzlement yourself, you should be aware of the risks in case someone else in your workplace is performing financial crimes.

Employers might not grant you financial authority

Embezzlement is a felony offense that will show up during any background check conducted by an employer. If you are adamant about pursuing work in accounting or any other field that directly involves the handling of money, it might be an uphill battle trying to find an employer who will take the risk of hiring you if you have a history of embezzling.

Professional boards might revoke your license

Committing any crime related to the practice of your profession is sufficient grounds for the revocation of your license to work. The division of Regulatory Boards is responsible for investigating violations committed by Tennessee license holders and carrying out disciplinary action as necessary. For lawyers, teachers, and other professionals who require a license to practice, embezzlement can certainly result in the revocation of that license.

The act of embezzling can have far-reaching consequences for a company and those connected to it. Conviction of embezzlement can therefore come with major consequences for your personal career, but you have the right to defend yourself against wrongful accusations and punishments that do not meet the severity of your offense.