Custody planning during the holidays

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The holidays are a special time, usually filled with joy and family fun. However, for a family that is in the middle of a divorce, things may be a bit different.

Whether parents are on good terms or not, it is important that they strive to provide stability for their children. In that vein, planning for the holidays is important. 

Work together

Courts usually encourage divorcing parties to work together to dissolve their marriages as much as possible. This applies to those parties who share children especially. When parents can set their animosity aside and work together to develop a plan for the needs of the children, it can benefit the children, as well as the continued relationship of the parents. For those who are able to work things out among themselves, it may be beneficial to include special holiday arrangements in their parenting plan.

Keep the focus

Considering that children cannot usually represent themselves during divorce proceedings, the court serves as an advocate. As such, courts tend to strive to operate in the best interest of the children. When determining anything regarding children, especially custody agreements and any special arrangements, it is important for parents to keep this in mind as well. As emotions may go high at some points of the divorce, it is the parents’ job to shield their children from it as much as possible. This will require some give and take, especially during holidays and other special occassions.

New traditions

As parents transition into their new lifestyles, this may come with new traditions. When planning these new additions, parents should keep their current arrangements in mind to ensure that it can work for all parties involved, including the stance of their ex-spouse. Should some shifts be necessary, parties should be prepared to negotiate.

In the end, if parents focus on the needs of their children over their own desires, they can work together to create a positive environment for their children throughout the holidays and year round. If possible, it is best to work towards this on their own terms; however, they may go through the courts if necessary.