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We Litigate Against Asset Forfeiture

The federal government has the power to seize property, bank accounts, vehicles and other assets before a criminal case even starts. This can impact your ability to pay everyday expenses or hire legal counsel to help get your property back. However, the government occasionally goes beyond what the law allows. At Breeding Olinzock Carter Crippen, our attorneys have successfully defeated actions through asset forfeiture litigation, helping to recover millions of dollars in assets. An immediate response is critical in asset forfeiture cases or you could lose the opportunity to make your claim. Call now to discuss how to preserve your claim before it is too late.

Defense Lawyer For Asset Forfeiture

Federal agencies move quickly to freeze assets. In some cases, the government breaks the rules by violating the constitutional rights of the owner, failing to prove probable cause, missing the statutory deadline or failing to allege a proper basis for the forfeiture action. We aggressively litigate these cases from the first claim through the entire appellate process.

  • Seized property
  • Detained property
  • Constitutional rights violations
  • Asset forfeiture litigation
  • Innocent owner cases
  • Unreasonable delay
  • Disproportional fine defense
  • Federal statute violations

Fight Back Against Asset Forfeiture

The federal government has been caught, time and again, wielding its powers unfairly or illegally. When there has been an effort to seize your property, it is necessary to take the right steps and respond with urgency. At our firm, we have the legal skills and full understanding of the processes involved in litigating asset forfeiture cases to move quickly on behalf of those we represent. Call today to fight back.