Transportation Safety Administration Compliance

One of the main functions of the Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") is to enforce specific safety rules and regulations intended for commercial airlines. Their scope and jurisdiction can be extremely broad spanning from setting guidelines for meal deliveries to personnel conduct. Among the areas that witness significant contention is airline compliance with U.S. visa regulations and matters concerning flight departure times. Minor infractions can lead to major penalties. These penalties can be especially burdensome if not handled in a procedurally accurate and diligent manner, and any lapses in representation can lead to increased fines and long-term reputation damage.

Despite these strict rules and regulations, Breeding Henry Baysan has successfully represented domestic and international airlines through TSA proceedings. Our representation resulted in significant reduction in fines, and, in certain instances, a complete revocation of the issued violation. At Breeding Henry Baysan, we know the value of diligent, methodical, and aggressive representation, and abide by the principles in representing our clients through these proceedings.

Breeding Henry Baysan's global reach allows our lawyers to aggregate and compile the necessary information without delay, making use of every working hour in any jurisdiction for the benefit of our clients' interests. Our lawyer's trial skills further enhance their stature before the TSA by making focused, effective presentations of the facts and the governing law for more favorable results for our clients.

At Breeding Henry Baysan, you will find a global partner who will be locally present to assist your company with its needs.