What Is The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) was created in 1977 and has a single primary goal: to prevent Americans from participating in foreign bribery and fraud. Throughout the years, the FCPA has been highly contentious and is often seen as impeding American businesses. Regardless, payment to a foreign official to secure what are otherwise routine services (for example, business filings or license administration) is illegal under the FCPA.

Penalties for FCPA violations include incarceration and large fines. If you are accused of an FCPA violation, you may also be subject to foreign extradition. Long-term, indirect effects may preclude you from participating in future business efforts and create limitations on visas or other travel.

Breeding Henry Baysan Protects You

There are many people subject to the FCPA, not just business executives. Overseas contractors, government officials and many other people find themselves struggling with FCPA compliance.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the FCPA. With our worldwide business experience and in-depth legal knowledge, we have helped people prevent FCPA violations before they happen. We are also experienced in court and litigation. We can defend you and your rights during a trial.

If you are in violation of the FCPA, call Breeding Henry Baysan right away. Extradition and imprisonment are serious consequences. With an attorney on your side who understands international business and the American legal system, you are in a much stronger position to dispute accusations. Do not leave yourself vulnerable to zealous prosecution or the pitfalls of self-defense.

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