Complying With Trade Law And Understanding Sanctions

Every business person working internationally knows the seriousness of economic sanctions. Sanctions can halt your business abroad and violating those sanctions can result in heavy fines, penalties, restrictions and even imprisonment. Recently, sanctions have impacted American trade with Russia, Iran and North Korea, and changes in sanctions can mean relatively fast-moving changes to your business.

If you have received a letter from the Office of Foreign Assets Control or are anticipating being contacted due to sanctions, contact our firm. With offices and affiliates in New York; Boston; Knoxville, Tennessee; Turkey and England, we have the experience and knowledge you need.

Considerations During Sanctions

It is understandable to be concerned when sanctions, tariffs, embargo or trade barriers impact your business. They can seriously alter your business's future, and consequences may include:

  • Inability to conduct financial transactions
  • Inability to access U.S. markets or other regions
  • Frozen assets or inability to use certain currencies
  • Major fines, either per transaction or as a business
  • Jail time

There is help available. Acting quickly and hiring a knowledgeable attorney the moment you have a problem can help mitigate the consequences of economic sanctions.

Breeding Henry Baysan Provides

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