Legal Advice For Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption And Anti-Terrorism

Banking and business in the internet age mean just about anyone can come to your institution. With the proper safeguards in place and a well-trained legal team, you can avoid issues of money laundering, corruption and terrorism in finance.

The World Bank estimates that almost $3 trillion is laundered or otherwise used in illegal activity annually. Corrupt officials, drug cartels, organized crime and terrorist organizations use money laundering as a way to transfer illicitly gained money across borders.

How Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption And Anti-Terrorism Laws Impact You

The Anti-Money Laundering Act and its subsequent anti-terrorism and anti-corruption provisions are meant to prevent illegal money transfers from continuing and to help track down criminal enterprises.

Under this legal structure, banking institutions are obligated to follow certain protocols to prevent their inadvertent use in criminal practices. Not only must the institution follow these rules, their implementation must be independently verified.

As experienced legal consultants, our attorneys can examine your institutional policies and help you:

  • Update your institution for new regulations
  • Create policies and procedures that bring you into compliance with federal law
  • Spot suspicious transactions
  • Avoid penalties associated with violations, like high-cost fees, organizational shutdowns and prison

Our attorneys are highly qualified and know finance law. When things go wrong for your business or consultation is needed, call our office.

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