Navigating Juvenile Court

The juvenile courts of Tennessee hear a variety of issues, including the custody of abused or neglected children and criminal charges against minors. The law firm of Breeding & Henry, LLC is prepared to take your case in any of these juvenile areas.

Dependent and Neglected Children

Sometimes issues arise with the care and supervision of children that are not related to divorce. Unfortunately, these times often occur when one parent or caregiver ceases to be fit to care for the child or children. Sometimes these cases involve a parent or caregiver's drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or neglect, and sometimes the parent or caregiver is incarcerated or unable to be located. These cases are referred to as "dependency and neglect" cases in the juvenile courts. When a parent or caregiver fails to care for the child or children, caregivers must go through the court system to legally gain custody of the child or children. This often involves grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members.

Our firm also represents parents wrongfully accused of dependency and neglect allegations. The threat of having your custody rights interfered with can be overwhelming, and the lawyers at Breeding & Henry, LLC will fight for your parental rights in Juvenile Court. If the Department of Children's Services, a friend or family member has filed a petition for custody of your child in Juvenile Court, you should contact an attorney to represent you.

Experienced Juvenile Court Attorneys in Tennessee

Our firm is well-equipped to handle your child custody matters, whether the matter is filed by grandparents, parents, or other friends or relatives. Several members of our firm often serve as attorneys who represent the best interests of the children in these cases, known as guardians ad litem. By advocating for the best interests of the children on a regular basis, the attorneys and Breeding & Henry, LLC have developed the compassion and experience to take your custody case and handle it with care.

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