Family and Civil Mediation

The use of mediation is increasing as a means of resolving disputes. Mediation is often less expensive than litigation. It usually saves parties time and provides more privacy than courtroom litigation which becomes public record. Mediation is also required in some instances, including all divorce cases in the Tennessee area.

At the Knoxville, Tennessee, law firm of Breeding & Henry, LLC attorney Shelley Breeding has provided domestic and civil mediation legal services on numerous cases. Our attorneys have also represented dozens of individuals and businesses in eastern Tennessee in mediation proceedings.

Shelley Breeding is a member of local mediation organizations and is a Rule 31 Listed Mediator by the Tennessee Supreme Court. She has fulfilled requirements for becoming a "Listed Mediator" under Supreme Court Rule 31, and can skillfully work to resolve your dispute through mediation.

Do you have questions regarding resolving your family or civil dispute through mediation? We can help. Contact Breeding & Henry, LLC at 865-223-6307 or 866-919-0953.

We can provide mediation services in almost all family law and business-related disagreements and disputes, including:

  • Commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes, including issues involving rent and leases
  • Breaches of contract
  • Nonpayment of bills and loans
  • Property damage
  • Division of property, including dissolution of partnerships and other businesses
  • Divorce and divorce-related issues, including child custody, property settlement, child support and alimony
  • Real estate and construction disputes
  • Contested wills

Before deciding whether or not you should proceed with expensive litigation, consider learning about the advantages of family and civil mediation and the advantages of having an attorney attend mediation with you. Contact Breeding & Henry, LLC, for more information.

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