Family Law Appeals

Every person who has received the judgment of a civil or criminal court in Tennessee has a right to appeal his or her case to an appellate court. At Breeding & Henry, LLC, in Knoxville, our lawyers are licensed to practice in all appellate courts in Tennessee, including the Tennessee Supreme Court. Additionally, Attorney Brad Henry provides appellate services in the federal appellate courts for the Fourth, Sixth and Eleventh Circuit. Brad Henry has argued cases in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and has briefed cases in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

In addition to representing our own cases on appeal, our lawyers handle appeals for other law firms in the areas of criminal defense, civil litigation and family law. Our lawyers are known for their understanding of the rules and requirements of both state and federal appellate courts.

Appeals are a specific area of law which require a lawyer who understands what the appellate court expects in written briefs and oral arguments. Your attorney cannot present evidence and witnesses, but must base arguments on the evidence and transcript of your original trial. An appellate attorney takes your trial record and attempts to show the appellate court that the trial court made a mistake. Deadlines are crucial. If you do not contact an appellate lawyer soon enough, you will miss your opportunity to have a higher court review your case.

While anyone can automatically appeal a trial court judgment to an appellate court, the Tennessee Supreme Court only accepts cases it chooses to review.

Post-Conviction Matters in Criminal Cases

In addition to appeals, our attorneys handle post-conviction matters for criminal defendants, including modification or correction of sentences and habeas corpus motions.

For More Information About Tennessee Civil and Criminal Appeals

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