Collaborative Divorce

You may feel that you would be best served by an alternative dispute process. One unique option is what is called a 'collaborative divorce' and involves a team of professionals working together with both the husband and wife to form a collaborative agreement that is entered jointly. This collaborative agreement addresses how to fairly and equitably divide their assets and debts and how to co-parent their children once the parties separate. This approach to divorce involves a series of meetings with the clients and professionals which may include attorneys, coaches, child/family law specialists, and/or financial professionals that have been trained in the collaborative divorce process. The attorneys at Breeding & Henry, LLC are trained in the collaborative divorce process, with the ultimate goals of helping you reach a mutual divorce settlement agreement through mutual respect.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is a client-centered approach to divorce and other family law matters that relies on respectful problem-solving to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. The composition of the team is tailored to the individual needs of the family, but the end result is the same... you make the important decisions, rather than having a judge make them for you. This is considered an alternative dispute resolution process wherein you can protect your assets and safeguard your children from the potentially harmful affects of protracted court proceedings. For these cases, the attorneys and staff of Breeding & Henry, LLC trained in the collaborative process are able to provide legal advice to their client, meet privately with their client and maintain the attorney-client privilege that exists between counsel and client. The attorney and client will also participate in a series of meetings that will include the other party, their attorney, child specialist and a coach or facilitator who function as neutral experts able to attend to the emotional needs having been trained to work with family dynamics and assist in times of stress. All professionals work together to help the parties prioritize their goals and work towards a mutually beneficial agreement. The attorneys at Breeding & Henry, LLC are committed to the principles of the collaborative divorce process.

Benefits of the Collaborative Divorce

1. Provides an organized and scheduled approach towards reaching an agreement 2. Based on mutual respect and a cooperative environment 3. Emphasizes the needs and well-being of the children 4. Avoids the expense, delay, and uncertainty of going to court 5. Keeps control of the process with the individuals 6. Provides for open communication to share information to reach a solution 7. Utilizes a problem-solving approach 8. Provides the flexibility to compose a joint agreement, while building confidence and consensus to support the agreement 9. Identifies and addresses interests and concerns for all 10. Only model that provides a structure for both emotional support and legal guidance 11. Helps preserve respectful relationships 12. Prepares individuals for new hopeful and healthy lives.

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