Business Litigation

If an individual or organization owes your business money, your business deserves a quick and successful resolution of the dispute. If you or your business is involved in a disagreement involving consumer transactions, employment law, work performed or any other business dispute, we can help.

At the business law firm of Breeding & Henry, LLC we have resolved dozens of business disputes in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee, area and across eastern Tennessee. Our attorney team includes skilled and experienced litigators, and our backgrounds include and involve:

  • A business degree
  • Experience in commercial real estate
  • Experience drafting business contracts

Experienced in a Resolving a Range of Business Disputes.

Attorney Shelley Breeding and our attorney team can handle a broad variety of business-related legal disagreements and disputes. Our experience includes disputes involving:

  • Non-compete agreements with employees, former employees and independent contractors
  • Division of partnership assets and liabilities upon the dissolution of a partnership.
  • Consumer protection, including issues involving false or misleading advertisements and false licensure claims
  • Payment disputes between businesses, vendors and independent contractors
  • Contract disputes between businesses, consumers and vendors
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Collections
  • Real estate and construction disputes

We work with consumers and businesses, plaintiffs and defendants. In addition, our attorney team includes experience working with Japanese businesses and a holder of a Japanese business degree. Shelley Breeding has experience working in Japan and is very familiar with Japanese culture and business practices.

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If you have questions regarding business law and business litigation, contact us. We accept credit cards, charge competitive rates, are available for evening and weekend appointments and are conveniently located in downtown Knoxville near the courthouses. To contact us, call 865-223-6307 or 866-919-0953.